FB/IG went out. S/o to black twitter tho ✊🏿

The way my operations professor chose violence with this assignment 🥲

How yall celebrating Negro solstice?

This what happens when yall invite ppl to the cookout. Like wut IS this

Eating spicy veggie vindaloo from my fave Indian restaurant and i may have had a lil too much dip on my chip. Can barely finish it w/o a gallon of water 😭

I’ve been trying to keep up with the hot ones but it’s time for me to admit: a light jerk sauce/Louisiana hot sauce is as spicy as I’ll go! My taste buds deserve to stay in tact as I eat my meals 🥴

Took me back to a time when I loved Nicki 🥺🙏🏿

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“No problem, thank YOU 🤗” gotta be the biggest lie I say at work

I’m tired of seeing Zuckerberg on my TL. Let’s just tell our aunts/uncles to delete FB bc there’s a virus on there and call it a day

We real life said rap competition? nah. 🗣IM JUST HAVING FUN WIDDIT

Watching Rhythm & Flow on Netflix and why Chicago/Midwest got all the weirdos lmao. We so different. Luv us 😂

Retraining my taste buds to go from wanting flamin hots everyday to eating dates + cashews as my snack of choice has been....a journey 😅

Listening to Section.80 and Kendrick really put his foot in this album 🙏🏿

Another 1. “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations obvs for sheer length

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about Black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? Was that just me?