I went to a hot hip hop yoga class and that vinyasa flow hits different to future lol

I took a new bus to school today and it came exactly on time so my Monday is already ☺️

Possibly got my shit rocked my this first exam

I’ve been listening to hot - young thug and gunna every morning on repeat between 6-7am to get the day going lol

I went to the Harlem Week fest today and I saw a man in a full suit and mink coat. It is literally 100 degrees today lol

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take ☺️

I thought a Harlem happy hour tour would would be great fun but now I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the night 🤦🏽‍♀️

Found a coffee shop that had prince, the gap band, and Luther vandross on their Sunday vibes playlist, and used a coffee roasted in Durham so I will now be a regular

However, as an airport employee, I know it would have been more financially responsible to buy a round trip ticket or buy it further in advance lol

I just bought a one way ticket to nyc. Sounds so poetic like my coming of age story lol

My mom and I are wearing the same dress today she really loves that lol

I need so lyrics for this goodbye atl IG post where is @sefa with the bars

Came to my LAST day of work with a real 🔥outfit lol the people have responded positively

I cracked a corporate funny to my SVP today and had people rolling lol

I’ve been reading a book on energy and meditation and it had a lot of gems and this week I’m really getting tested so it must be a sign

Drove the boat and still completed my 8 step night time skin care routine after 🥰

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