Close your eyes and listen to this joint, who does he sound like???

Work places that talk about D&I but don’t have hand lotion by the bathroom sink.. inconsistent 😤

@andcomputers how many projects released from LA feature Dom Kennedy in 2 or more songs..

His album covers are always... like what? 😂spittin tho.
There also might not be a single original beat on this project... still heat tho.

In 2019, &computers hosted the kickback of the decade...

Details on the blog:

This why androids don’t get invited to the group chat 🥴

DAMN! It was so cold yesterday couldn’t even get a tweet off smh. Fingers were straight up frozen!! Sheesh


BET+ streaming service launched September 19th

@admin creative proclamations of opulence one of my favorite bar categories

@admin now when it get cold I just hope that my daughter could fit a mink ❄️ 😤😤

this book about a controversial Supreme Court justice... is thought provoking asl

Comments, &

Someone said mark zuckerberg always look like he just took the limitless pill for the first time 🤣


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