@Payshentzz 😂 that’s an option I haven’t quite considered yet 🧐

I see you with this out the box thinking 🧠 📦

If every call starts with 5 minutes of talk on yng Coro, ima stop holding meetings ✌🏿

I love when support sends me to sales, then sales is like ehhh I onnoooo bro

YouTube comments:

“I met Electronica at the Million Man March anniversary. I told him that We needed him and asked when was new music coming.... he smiled closed his eyes, took a deep breath and said " In Perfect Time" shook my hand and walked into crowd.”

🤣🤣🤣 on brand like shit

Searching for meaning in a Written Testimony 🧐🧐🧐🧐

champion level focus 💫 💎 Show more

@Payshentzz yaaa, i missed the Waffle House truck smh

Also, I gave my notice 😬

Close your eyes and listen to this joint, who does he sound like???

@keshawn_d 😂 lol soundtrack to work that day and that day only
Nah I get it tho, reviews take dedication

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? well, it is.