I would really like access to this journal article but my school too cheap to get us a login and I’m too cheap to buy it 😔


Will The Black people in Greys anatomy ever acknowledge their shared experiences?

Is bridgerton the best period piece I’ve ever watched?

I deleted tiktok only to fall victim to Instagram reels 😔

Aye I’m looking to buy a skateboard.. reconnect with these juice county roots

I really thought ppl raging about the benefits of therapy were just being trendy… this shit kinda hit tho 🥲

I’m consistently surprised to see people eating boars head sandwiches. Even amongst airport food it’s some of the worst around

and also new post by @andcomputers - stay up to date on all the need to know holidays & history 💪🏿


we had a bit of downtime this week but we back and we rollin!!!


@greenprocyon 😂 yea a little bit - lol but you an early adopter, its lit! tell ya friends to pull up

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? well, it is.