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walking to buy my groceries makes me feel like I’m living a real metropolitan life 🌃


I need Drake’s business strategist to plan my career lmao this re-release is unnecessary AND brilliant

Someone needs to make a social pomodoro app... you feel me? But like only notifications when you on a break.

juice county prodigy just completed his 3rd pomodoro for reading a textbook and is now on a 3 min break.


Big Fish (feat. Gucci Mane) / Chance the Rapper

Aye shotout @sefa with the new profile pic for the shorties 👀👀

I weighed the risk and the reward seen the scale tipping, let’s all get on one accord and take the world niggas🏁

Loaded Bases (feat. CeeLo Green) / Nipsey Hussle

i seen it. i thought it. i dreamt it. i said it. i did it. i meant it. i taste it. i love it. i need it. i want it. more of it. im fiendin. im godly. im gutter. im genius.

Sometime perfect timing feel like I’m 2 late...

Perfect Timing / Nipsey Hussle

No hotline I can tell ya future free, get on your marathon till you bruise ya feet 🏁

Crenshaw & Slauson (True Story) / Nipsey Hussle

@admin for ppl with questions about what the difference is between Local & Federated timelines

Feel like I joined a cool Neopets guild 👾

@Payshentzz look what I found in the break room ☺️
Might mess around and come into work tomorrow

Shorty got chicken nuggets and wine 🤣 r we 8 or 28

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? well, it is.