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Focused on reality but living in a whole nother Galaxy

G'd Up / Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz featuring Butch Cassidy

Nano social media platforms. It’s a wave. Everyone owns they own. It’s the “close friends” feature but more autonomy

When are we using mastodon fediprinciples to get rid of Instagram ?

My summer diet is just Rosé & calamari

4pm in Calabasas / Drake

mannnnn, college memories

Time Is Money (Feat. Rockie Fresh) [Prod. By Boi-1nda & The Maven Boys] / Vic Mensa

Don’t know when I’m gonna finish this but it’s here & in the queue 📚

Everybody say thank you to AWS🙏🏿

(this isn’t all the infrastructure required to run this instance btw)

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? well, it is.