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I’m consistently surprised to see people eating boars head sandwiches. Even amongst airport food it’s some of the worst around

and also new post by @andcomputers - stay up to date on all the need to know holidays & history 💪🏿

we had a bit of downtime this week but we back and we rollin!!!


The quickness with which these corporate logos removed the BHM celebratory colors 🤣

Happy March 1st!

I just found out how many people have never heard of Tulsa Massacre

‪I been watching and i just wanna say the Samsung product placement isn’t believable‬ 😅

SNL should outsource their live performances to tiny desk, this is trash

I just watched Tyler the creators freestyle on funkflex 😭

Some ppl just different 🌸👦🏾🌸

becoming someone I don’t recognize.. just sent out a calendly link and idk what to feel

I think Tyler Perry is a ghostwriter for money heist

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about Black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? Was that just me?