i usually roll my eyes at AI search blah blah. this is great though

Using new tools today - trying out warp.dev & arc browser bc I’m a hypebeast 😌

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I really thought I’d be better at wordle than I am

Ball park - what percent of black people in America you think observed Kwanzaa this year?

An article from 2013.. on Micro-Socials... Interestingly enough they categorize Linkedin as micro-social (wrong imo, but i get the idea). The important one they mention is Path.. a Cocoon predecessor. Mastodon fits right into this conversation, but is made exceedingly more interesting by way of the federation. Food 4 Thought


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Get your browser game up! Brave definitely not perfect, but these reports are cool and I’m glad more products make privacy a first priority...


Backlog is growing quickly! Stay tuned ✍🏿

In 2019, &computers hosted the kickback of the decade...

Details on the blog: andcomputers.io/12-7

The AR try-on for GOAT app. First reaction was “this is dumb af” but it’s actually kinda fun 🥳

For context it would be the piece labeled "Bars API Lambda" that would benefit from provisioned concurrency roll out... for anyone who has used the CLI tool I would hope this means less request timeouts

Earlier this month AWS announced Provisioned Concurrency for Lambdas


We're going to try and use it to speed up response time for the Bars API

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about Black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? Was that just me?