that moment when you wanna smack a bih (male)...

but must instead send a politely worded email, das me

THT. That's it. That's the tweet, toot, whateva.

just a lil taste in preseason but the KD and Kyrie duo lookin downright disgusting πŸ™ˆ πŸ™ˆ

@Jazdeb we not fuckin wit the album or the cover... or both? lol

@admin only advantage snl provide in my eyes is the staging setup... but musically (& so altogether), put Tiny in coach lmao

@admin πŸ”₯ I ain't even know -- okay, I like that! along those lines, soulo said

The tortoise only makes progress when his neck sticks out

this slow and steady shit maaan 😀

the ever-humbling life of a tortoise, das me.

@admin ayyee haha finally Friday! Idk how this works bruh lol eg how I change the long ass @ on my name? And the name highlighted?

Black Twitter

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