First time sketching out a CICD pipeline. This one’s for Azure functions (v rough)

@keshawn_d are L0 & L1 Unit tests ? Versus the tests that run after staging?

@andcomputers @keshawn_d also, do people commit directly to develop branch? Or PR required to get code into develop

@andcomputers yeah, committing directly to develop because we’re moving from git flow to a trunk based situation

@keshawn_d but cool. Doesn’t look too dissimilar to what I’ve built for aws lambdas and with diff tools for pipelines. Is this w/ github, bitbucket, or neither ?

@andcomputers this is using bit bucket. And I changed the flow after the merge to run the staging tests before pushing to master so we don’t have a broken master

@andcomputers L0 and L1 are unit and integration tests. The tests after staging are for ensuring everything runs well in the Azure environment

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