@admin listening to tiny desk concerts at full volume is the best thing about wfh

My setup is honestly terrible. Three screens, two computers, not a single mouse. I hate it here.

SoundCloud shut that Chicago Freestyle down expeditiously, but it lives on 🤩


@andcomputers this is using bit bucket. And I changed the flow after the merge to run the staging tests before pushing to master so we don’t have a broken master

@andcomputers yeah, committing directly to develop because we’re moving from git flow to a trunk based situation

@andcomputers L0 and L1 are unit and integration tests. The tests after staging are for ensuring everything runs well in the Azure environment

First time sketching out a CICD pipeline. This one’s for Azure functions (v rough)

Something about drinking coffee called ‘Unicorn Blood’ makes me feel powerful 💪🏽

@admin album too long and I’m not a big enough fan to listen the number of times needed to do the review justice

I’m so glad I decided to go this show, even though it was after a long day of work and during a ~minor~ snow storm

I have returned after hiatus to say that ser ever less functions are clutch, YBN Cordae is amazing in concert, and the title of my first project will be ‘Views From the Captain’s Seat at Night’ or Captain’s Seat for short

@admin yep, there are freshmen over there struggling daily

Saba’s CARE FOR ME still isn’t getting the attention/acclaim it deserves

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