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One day, I’ll get my life together to the point where I’m not running for the train in the morning.

Can we talk about Chance’s verse on Bad Idea by YBN Cordae? Straight fire

10. Let’s Go on the Run - a fun song about running away and starting over with your significant other. It’s no secret that Chance spends a good amount of stoke talking about his wife on the ‘owbum’. In this song, Chance talks about running away with her and building their lives together. I really enjoy this song and sonic Fortune helps deliver a brilliant, feel-good song. ‘I got plans to hug and hug and hug you’ may send some people off, but it’s sweet and musical and definitely goes for me.

9. The Big Day - a quick look at the love, fear, and craziness one feels on the day of their wedding. The titular track on the ‘owbum’ sees the most recent in a long history of collabs with Francis and the Lights. Chance talks about how happy he is on the day of his wedding, but how to make it work they have to be crazy. One of the songs with the most experimental sounds on here. After a couple listens, you really appreciate the sentiment; it’s a vibe, just gotta be in the mood for it.

8. Roo - a lyrical look at brotherhood. This may be my favorite on the ‘owbum’ or at least top 3. Featuring Taylor Bennett and rivaling ‘We Go High’ for lyricality, this smooth and lyrical look at the growth of a sibling relationship is just dope. CocoRosie’s hook is haunting and we see Chance and Taylor further embrace this title as the ‘Independent Bennets’. One of the shortest tracks, but definitely packs a punch. (Also go listen to Taylor’s music if you been sleep). I love this song!

7. Photo Ops (Skit) - a funny skit about fighting with siblings as kids. Is that John Witherspoon on that? Yes. And his voice also shows up in a few other places in the owbum(album). At least Kanye’s influence is felt. 🤷🏽‍♂️

6. I Got You - a 90s sounding hit without relying on heavy sampling. ARI LENNOX DID WHAT SHE HAD TO DO. We’ve been riding this re-cycle of styles from the 90s for a minute now and this song seems like the perfect capture of why we’re so infatuated with the decade. Play it in the car on a decent day and it goes. This a bop. Period.

5. We Go High - some bars for the lord. Honestly some of the best verses lyrically on the album. If you can’t tell that I really LOVE contemplative, chill Chance you’ll know soon. And you’ll understand why this one’s one of my favorites. This reminds us of ‘Blessings’’s subject matter with a feeling almost as if we’re overhearing Chance’s actual communion with God and finding his way to embracing the love in his life.

4. Hot Shower - a quick bop folks can dance to. Woah. This song is bottom 3 on the album and still hits tbh. Chance captures some of the sounds you hear in many hits out rn while getting to try his hand at doing most of the production on the song. Also, let’s not forget DaBaby delivering a smooth feature.

3. Eternal - a smooth Chicago two-step with Smino. If you grew up black in Chicago (or close by), you grew up watching the grown folks stepping out when it’s started to get a little dark at the get-together or at the weddings. This ode to ‘eternal’ love over this step beat that we’re finally old enough to dance to is a vibe. Then add some Smino, I mean come on. (Got me doing a little step rn)

2. Do You Remember - a contemplative childhood reflection. Do you remember ‘Summer Friends’, ‘Everybody’s Something’, or ‘Brain Cells’. I do and I loved every single one and this feels like the appropriate continuation. Death Cab for Cutie delivers a beautiful, unhurried chorus that lets us bring those images of childhood back to the front of our mind.

1. All Day Long - a traditional Chance intro. Definitely starts you off with a sense of familiarity with the ‘bombastic’ sounds we expect combined with the vocals and production that reminds us of ‘All We Got’, the first track from Coloring Book. We know we are getting the Chance we know, but something feels new and exciting. Chance says you can’t please everybody and he’s determined to do his own thing.

22 Reasons You Should Listen to “The Big Day”
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Folks act like drinking black coffee is a personality trait.
Im folks.

I was kind of expecting some production by Ye on this album. 🤔

Is it bad if I leave work early to go have a personal listening party for Chance’s album?

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Favorite features so far:
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