@admin been ducking this catch up for 6 months...I just want y’all to know


The first mix by souldered in gold, a DJ collective featuring myself and my friend, Marvel. enjoy

It’s always relevant. Every recruiting event I went to I’d say that in my head

“Y’all niggas hiring” will forever be a top 10 viral moment.

So we gon act like @admin not boutta be a diffy nigga after the news this week?? Price of the brick went up!

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TO THE WORLD!! She be back. Naomi mean tho...too fye

Coco Gauff to the world. Shorty a superhero for real.

My boy skeppy said “Tottenham boy I put the T in Tanita” Greaze

Shoulda just stayed in the damn house

“Come out with us cuz. My last night here init, let’s go out.”

-“Cool, omw”

A broke power steering belt later...STUCK:

If he wasn’t directly beating on you he was controlling the mob that was 😂😂

Michael Jackson really used to whoop niggas asses in like all his videos 😂

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Black Twitter

Remember when you first heard about Black twitter and thought it was actually a separate website? Was that just me?