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You’ve got mail 😈

Lmao this reminds me of Meet the Parents & the spy bear 🤣🤣

@andcomputers *not as a developer* just as someone who uses software really.

@andcomputers most companies have a conflict of interest when it comes to actually publishing or sharing any vulnerabilities that get found. Which means in a way universal learning are stymied when they occur in organizational vacuums. But obviously entities don’t want their IP just out and about for people to replicate but.. just something to think about as a developer 👾

@andcomputers this is why open source software is so powerful. Complex projects with large attack surface need to be easily vettable/explored/exploited, open source lets you crowd-research potential issues.

@andcomputers they covered “no interaction” vulnerabilities, some disconcerting issues within Boeing 787 software, Encryption implementation bugs, and algorithmic complexity Denial of Service from bad user inputs in things like password strength estimators (ironic) and pdf viewers (ubiquitous)

WIRED this month is all about some of the provocative (read: frightening) presentations of vulnerabilities that were recently presented at a couple big cyber security conferences this year. 🧐

Sorry to nerd out but I just reviewed some code with an asynchronous recursive call. Serverless architectures give way to some really interesting design patterns. Haven’t decided if they’re typically over complicated or simple & elegant. Have seen somewhere in between most of the time. For small projects (like some of the free open source shit on the blog) I’m pretty much in love with it.

@andcomputers with that being said, people are still obsessed with how their stats relate to their chances of obtaining one of these degrees

@andcomputers and those people are really excellent at following directions... provided you give them clearly and concisely

‪This isn’t news to anyone obviously. But I like their description, specifically the economics of it. ‬

it’s like. You have this thought/idea in your brain that you could apply to hella diff inputs to provide some value to ppl. You somehow find a way to represent that idea or transformation and teach it to 10000x other people. then u send them off into the world to do that thing & only that thing for the rest of their days. Thats how it feels to deploy code

I wanna run cardib4cli node package on my iPhone..

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🗣 ayyyeee shotout @Payshentzz we in this bih growing networks 👶🏿 👶🏿

Shoutout to amazon for hosting our media assets & getting these busses

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